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We love stories. Stories bring us together, strengthen our bonds, and make change possible.

At Concept Blue Media, we tell your story in innovative and creative ways. With more than two decades of combined experience, we master strategic communications, media outreach, web development, design, and social media to tell your story in an authentic way.

Let us help you tell your story so that you can get back to the work that matters most to you.


Olivia Hwang

Olivia Hwang has more than 10 years of strategic leadership in public relations, media management, crisis communications, and marketing. She’s led reporters through knee-deep oiled marsh grasses, helped them find killer subject-matter experts, and released rehabilitated sea turtles back into the Gulf of Mexico.

Formerly the Communications Director for Dana Wachs for Wisconsin, Olivia also led communications for the Wisconsin Assembly Democrats in the Wisconsin Assembly Minority Leader’s Office.

Olivia held several other statewide and national communications roles, including vice president of communications for Choices Coordinated Care Solutions and director of media and communications for the Louisiana Department of Health, the state’s largest public agency with more than 5,000 employees and a $9 billion annual budget.

Olivia owns and operates Concept Blue Media with her business partner and husband, Nick Hwang.


Nick Hwang

Nick Hwang is Concept Blue Media’s co-founder and leads the team’s graphic design and web development projects. Nick has more than 10 years of experience working for clients such as the Louisiana State University Library, New Leaders Council Wisconsin, and Wachs for Wisconsin.

Nick is also a composer and sonic artist whose work explores connections in art, technology, and interaction. He is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin at Whitewater.

Nick earned his Ph.D. in Music Composition and Experimental Music & Digital Media at the Louisiana State University. Nick holds a Masters degree in Music Composition from Louisiana State University and B.A. in Theory and Composition from the University of Florida.

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